Workshop on national strategy for childhood & youth [Archives:2005/888/Local News]

October 24 2005

TAIZ – Oct. 19- Within the framework of the National Conference for Childhood and Youth scheduled to take place next December, a workshop on the national strategy for childhood and youth was held last Wednesday involving all the concerned parties, local councils and representatives of civil community organizations in this discussion of childhood and youth-related issues.

The event was sponsored by Minister of Youth and Sports, Abdurrahman al-Akwaa, Minister of Social Affairs, Abdulkarim al-Arhabi, and Labor and Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood and other senior government officials.

The officials stressed on the importance of the workshop on governate level and its outcome and recommendations that are due to serve the national strategy for childhood and youth.

Youth expert Mr. Kamil al-Nabilsi stressed on the responsibility of supervising the remaining activities of the workshop and suggested the goals and themes upon which the workshop is based.