Workshop on new system of terminal communications [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

Sana'a, Oct. 6_ The Chinese company for telecommunications ZTE' inaugurated on Sunday a seminar for 50 engineers from the ministry of communication for providing information on the new system of terminal communications the company produces and works for expanding it in Yemen since last year.
Director of the regional office of the Gulf and Yemen region Hassan Mustafa said the company was seeking to expand its system on communications in Yemen due to the geographic difficulty and to serve the system in remote areas as nature necessitates the use of wireless communications.
The Yemeni citizen in various areas has now been able to receive telephone services without cables and in economic prices. He also has become able to get wireless internet services. He has maintained that the company has comprehensive solutions in communications, beginning from fixed telephones, mobile telephones and wireless internet service. Mr Hassan said the company had began its work in China in 1985 and entered the international market in 1995. Subscribers of the company have amounted to around three millions and the figure is in continuous rise
The company office director thinks Yemen is a suitable place because of its economic circumstances and the geographical nature for marketing its products and services in communications.