Workshop on Onchocerciasis (Sowda:) Control and Elimination from Yemen [Archives:2004/741/Health]

May 27 2004
Members of Charitable Society for Social Welfare
Members of Charitable Society for Social Welfare
Within its cooperation with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) held a workshop on Sowda control on March 24 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Science & Technology in Sana'a. It discussed the future prospects to control and eliminate Onchocerciasis (Sowda) from Yemen. Twenty-two university researchers and specialists in the subject participated from a number of concerned institutions, including the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, University of Science & Technology, Ministry of Public Health, the National Center for Epidemiological Surveillance, the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, and the National Program for Sowda Control in Taiz.
The workshop focused on presenting technical consultations vis-a-vis vector control and reviewed programs and experiences of CSSW and the National Program in Taiz in this field as well as discussing future visions for control activities.
Prior to the workshop, a fieldwork team headed by Dr. Philip Maccall, from Liverpool University, carried out an entomological study on Sowda from the period 18-22 of last March. The team visited a number of Yemen's north-western valleys where the Sowda fly exists. Dr. Philip stressed the importance of the entomological study of Sowda. He said that the first thing that should be done is the need to define the focus infection clearly, and quantify the extent of the problem, including what proportion of the population is infected and how many people in this area are now at risk of infection. He also stressed training and survey.
Dr. Philip also praised the efforts exerted by the CSSW in the field of Sowda control in many valleys, including Wadi Sordoud which he visited for a couple of days and was impressed by the quality of work, motivation and skills of volunteers.
It is worth noting that the British Embassy in Sana'a financed the workshop within the mutual cooperation with CSSW in this field.