Workshop on preparation for a biodiversity safety program, concluded [Archives:2004/706/Community]

January 26 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
The first workshop on “Preparation of a Biodiversity Safety National Program” was concluded in Sana'a on Tuesday 20 January.
The workshop was attended by many media representatives for government and private establishments and for the T.V. Channels of Sana'a and Aden and domestic radio stations.
The 60 participants in the workshop sponsored by the Environment Protection General Authority, the Ministry of Water and Environment received information on the national effort for biodiversity protection.
Several working papers were presented at the event among which was the biodiversity presented by Dr Mansoor Mohammed Al-Aaqil from Agricultural Research Authority in Dhamar, another titled Bio-technology and Biological safety presented by Dr A'rif Saeed Aqlan al-Hammadi from the Faculty of Sciences, Sana'a University and another working paper titled Legal Regulations for Biological Safety by Dr. Ja'afar Showaitah.
This workshop was enriched with lots of discussions that highlighted the importance of media in the creation of awareness and the activation of Laws in service of the Yemeni citizen and his environment as well as agricultural and crops.