Workshop on social integration [Archives:2004/779/Local News]

October 7 2004

Taiz Bureau
The French Organization DIA has organized a workshop from Sept 28-30 on social integration for the members of Taiz local councils. Twenty female and male trainees representing different local councils of the districts of Salah, al-Mudhaffar, and al-Qahirah participated in the workshop. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Mr. Nejmuddin Muhammad Abdo, Chairman of the Social project. Mr. Stefan Felandra, Representative of DIA, delivered a speech indicating the importance of conducting such workshops.
The aim of the workshop is to activate the role of the local councils in developing the poorest classes and their integration into the community.
“It is so necessary for us to realize the importance of upgrading the living standards of poor groups and exchanging points of view about experiences as local councils are our partners in the development process,” said Mr. Felandra.
Mr. Ayyoub al-Qassemi, Officer-in-charge of the Media and social activities in DIA, clarified that the participants in the workshop would receive a number of theoretical and practical lectures on the connotations of social integration, its relation with development and the importance of integrating the poorest groups into the community.
Participants will identify the hindrances, devices, negatives and positives of the social integration, as well as attending lectures focusing on local councils' role in developing the poor sectors, and stremgthening the social integration process practically. They will also come out with new opinions and concepts. He added that the importance beyond the workshop is to activate the community's role in backing social integration programs meant for the poor segments in Taiz.