Workshop on social integration for health sector workers [Archives:2004/753/Local News]

July 8 2004

The French DIA Organization will organize on Saturday July 10 a workshop on the social integration for health sector workers in Taiz governorate.
The three-day workshop will include 30 trainees of bother genders representing the state and private various health services.
Mr. Ayoub Al-Qaseme, the information officer at DIA, said that the participants would receive a number of theoretical and practical lectures regarding the definition of social integration and its relation to development.
He emphasized the importance of integrating the least fortunate segment of society and defining the obstacles to and consequences of social integration techniques.
The participants will also receive lectures focusing on the role of health workers and their visions in social integration awareness programs.
He also pointed to the goal of the workshop, which was to activate the role of health sector in supporting social integration programs that target the poorest segment of society and increase general social awareness.