Workshop on the elimination of illiteracy [Archives:2004/732/Local News]

April 26 2004

Thursday, 24 April- Sana'a- The National Workshop for Women Working in the Field of Eliminating Illiteracy among Adults has concluded. The workshop aimed at pointing out the role of Islam in environmental problems and the merging of their definitions with programs to remove illiteracy and improve the education of adults, in addition to presenting the role of woman in preserving the environment.
The workshop, organized by the Islamic Organization for Education, Culture and Science, in cooperation with the National Organization on Education, Culture and Science came out with a number of recommendations and suggestions. They call for giving more attention to the abilities of civil society leaders and to encourage coordination and integration among authorities concerned with education, information and civil society in the field of environmental awareness and development from an Islamic prospective. This is in order to create effective networks between non-governmental organizations in the targeted development and environment awareness fields.