Workshop on the Information Network in Yemen [Archives:2004/729/Local News]

April 15 2004

April 12, 2004, Sana'a- The Prime Minister, Mr. Abdulqader Ba Jamal, inaugurated last Monday at the National Center for Information a workshop under the title, “Towards establishing a national development network for information and the advancement of publishing and access to information in Yemen”.
The workshop was participated in by representatives of the Government and academic corporations, civil society organizations and representatives of donor corporations and development partners in Yemen. The workshop was held in cooperation with the World Bank and aimed to produce a joint vision to expedite the establishment of a major information network facilitating access to various types of information in Yemen.
The National Information Strategy was among working papers discussed in the workshop. The conference also discussed laying down a vision for the information network, the national library, the geographical information system, the role of the World Bank in disseminating and circulating information, the role of the UN-affiliated Relief Program in supporting social and economic development using information and telecommunication technology, and how to achieve a development information network.
It is worth mentioning that the number of personal computers in Yemen is estimated at only 160 thousand PCs and the number of subscribers to the internet is 21,000.