Workshop on the partnership between Arab and Palestinian civil society [Archives:2004/747/Local News]

June 17 2004

Beirut- A special workshop regarding cooperation between Arab and Palestinian civil society was recently held at the United Nations House in Beirut, Lebanon. 50 dignitaries participated in the conference, representing Lebanon, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia and the Arab Gulf countries. Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) represented Yemen at the workshop.
Mr. Azzaden Al-Asbahi, President of HRITC, said that the meeting in Beirut was very important in setting up the way for holding the International Conference regarding supporting Palestinian civil society, scheduled to be held in September with the participation of many countries of the world.
The workshop, held under the auspices of the United Nations Committee for West Asia (ISCOA), confirmed the importance of establishing an effective partnership between the corporations of Palestinian civil society and their counterparts in the Arab world. It also reaffirmed the need to support the Palestinian case through enhancing the abilities of its civil society and enabling it to carry out an effective role through adoption of new mechanisms and genuine partnership in building the future. The workshop was a contribution from the Arab civil society to supporting work in Palestinian territory.
The participants came out from the workshop with an advanced vision on how to support Palestinian civil society organizations in collaboration with the Palestinian leadership and the private sector in order to achieve development. The vision also confirmed the importance of presenting sustained humanitarian and development support in the health, education, housing sectors to confront Zionism repression in parallel with the role of the Palestinian civil society in enhancing and strengthening democracy and human rights. Palestinian civil society in turn is responsible for creating a seriously practical transition in technology and modernization to face the dangers of the destruction of the Palestinian society and the annihilation of the Palestinian people.