Workshop on violence against children [Archives:2004/745/Local News]

June 10 2004

Monday, 31 May 2004, Aden- The Swedish Organization for Caring for Children organized an awareness workshop on violence against children in Yemen.
Ms. Aisha Saeed, Director of the organization, in her opening speech, welcomed the Mayor of Aden, Dr. Yahya Al-Shaibi, and the representatives of local and international organizations concerned with the rights and care of children. She alluded to the work of the organization, begun in 1963, to various forms of support and to the positive results achieved by the organization since then in conjunction with other governmental and non-governmental activities. She also confirmed that the role of the organization is not limited to Yemen, but extends to other Arab countries.
The Counselor at the Swedish Regional Organization Program expressed her joy also at taking part in this workshop. She confirmed that the violence against children also includes sexual harassment and child trade, and not only beating and physical abuse. She confirmed the importance of reacting to UN resolutions in the field of caring for children and providing all support necessary to protect their rights.
Mr. Ayoub Abo Bakr, Director of the Social Affairs and Labor Office in Aden, on his party, touched upon the activities of the Swedish organization in the health sector and children's rights in Yemen.
The opening ceremony was attended also by Mr. Mohamed Aref, Office Director of UNHCR in Aden, and representatives of organizations and charities, juvenile homes, as well as a number of advocates and judges.
The workshop concluded with the formation of a commission consisting of a number of officials from the Education, Social Affairs and Labor and Information Ministries and a number of psychiatrists, specialists and social workers.