Workshop on Watershed Management [Archives:2000/33/Local News]

August 14 2000

Under patronage of Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Mr. Ahmad Salem Al-Jabali, the National Consultative Workshop on Watershed Management Policy Related Strategies and Action Plans concluded Monday its 2-day activities held at the police officers club.
Objectives of the workshop were discussing of plans made by the ministry of agriculture and irrigation (watershed unit) which were passed by the cabinet on May 24th 2000. Specialists from different authorities concerned shared experiences to come out with a clear plan to protect natural water resources.
A number of statements were made during the opening ceremony by Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, representatives of the Embassy of Netherlands, of the Food and Agriculture organization and others.
Speeches centered on importance of watersheds in the country owing to the large size it extends over (60%.) They also highlighted the consequences such as soil erosion, drainage of springs that may happen to such watersheds as a result of ignorance and negligence.
Yasser M. Ahmad
Yemen Times