Workshop on workplace environment [Archives:2004/747/Local News]

June 17 2004

Taiz Bureau
The Development and Economy Committee of the Local Council of Taiz with the support of German GTZ organized during the period 13-14 June a workshop on workplace and economic conditions and programs for medium and small establishments.
The workshop aimed at shedding more light on the information and primary details of medium, small and micro establishments in Taiz and to determine the laws, problems, obstacles that are related to this sector. The workshop also aims to generate ideas for permanent strategies for medium and small establishments. Moreover, the workshop aimed to point out what the roles of organizations are in developing and encouraging this sector.
37 associations, funds, government offices and private businesses participated by in the workshop.
Mr. Shawgy Hayel, Chairman of the Development and Economy Committee and Director of Support of Private Sector Program at GTZ attended the workshop, along with a number of other officials in the governorate.