World Bank country manager admits:WB support for Yemen could decline [Archives:2004/773/Front Page]

September 16 2004

Robert Hindle, the World Bank's Country Manager based in Sanaa said that Yemen is demanded to do much more in its economic reforms. He emphasized that the World Bank could not continue providing the same level of funding and assistance, if the country did not implement the necessary reform measures needed and agreed upon.
He said that he had already informed the authorities clearly that support for Yemen might shrink if the country does not speed up its reforms and apply the steps that would help enhance the current rate of economic growth.
“… we think the government needs to do much more than it has in terms of economic reform. We have certainly said to the government that in the medium term, they cannot expect the same level of support in the absence of reforms that they would get with reformation.” he said.
Over many years, Yemen was informed of the need to apply strict and necessary to help revive the economy. If applied properly, the World Bank believes that the reforms would help bring more accountability, more investments and job opportunities, more transparency, and would result in less corruption and inefficiency.
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