World Bank Country Manager to YT:”Yemen needs to move more aggressively to reduce corruption” [Archives:2003/672/Front Page]

September 29 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
Sana'a, Sep 27 – The World Bank Country Manager in Yemen, Robert Hindle, said that corruption in Yemen is one of the most serious challenges to development and improving of living standard of people. He demanded in an exclusive interview with Yemen Times that the government should move much more aggressively to fight corruption, encouraging the private sector to invest inside Yemen by providing a good environment and security as well as improving governance at large. He also said that the WB and donors are satisfied with the performance of the government, mainly after Paris meeting for donors. However, he stressed that there must be a move from satisfactory to high quality performance. Mr. Hindle also said that Yemen should prioritize improving education and health care, as well as change the conception of the people of the purpose of civil service.
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