World companies compete for oil render By Yemen Times Staff [Archives:2005/840/Front Page]

May 9 2005

SANA'A- A special course on oil renders commenced on Saturday April 7, following a convention of 20 oil companies qualified for the exploration of oil and gas in seven blocks in different parts of the country.

The Petroleum Exploration Production Authority (PEPA), on behalf of its Chairman and Head of the Renders Committee, Eng. Nabil al-Qawsi, announced that the process of technical and financial evaluation of companies applying for the second international render concerning oil exploration in seven open blocks confirmed the qualification of some 20 companies to obtain the render.

After verifying their qualifications, seven oil companies were found ineligible for not addressing some exploration requirements.

Eng. Al-Qawsi emphasized the companies qualified for the exploration are great and internationally recognized companies from different Arab and non-Arab countries.

The 7th of May was assigned a closing date for the submission of bids and render-related documents due to be studied and verified by the specialist committee, and then to be forwarded on July 2 to the minister of oil and minerals for authentication and final announcement of winners on July 23.