World companies implementing power projects in Mareb [Archives:2004/796/Business & Economy]

December 6 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The Korean company Hyunday and an Iranian one have got qualified for a contract for building a project of power transformation stations and power transport lines from the gas-powered electric station in Mareb governorate to the capital Sana'a at a cost estimated at $176 million. Another four companies, one German, two Chinese and one Iranian have got qualified for a contract for the construction of a project of gas-powered 300 MEGAWATT electric station in the area of Safer, the governorate of Mareb at a cost of $152million.
Engineer Abdulmuti al-Junaid, director-general of the State Establishment of Electricity told the Yemeni Saba news agency all documents related to the two projects, the tenders and analysis of technical and financial tenders had been analyzed by the establishment of electricity and the American investing company, would be submitted in the coming few days to the Higher Committee of Tenders to be studied and approved, expecting that starting with field works of the two projects would begin beginning of the next year.
Mr al-Jinaid indicated the big importance of he two projects that are considered among the most important electric power projects in Yemen by using natural gas in producing power and also using high voltage (400 kilovolt) in electric power transfer for the first time in Yemen. He has also affirmed that all the main cities connected to the unified network would benefit from the two projects of the gas-powered electric station and stations for transformation and transport lines. The station would be connected to the unified national network in order to secure and meet needs of those cities for electric power. The director-general of the Electricity Establishment also disclosed about negotiation his institution was conducting at present with an investing company for construction of a second gas-powered station for generating electricity in Yemen by adding 400 megawatts, pointing that the establishment is presently carrying out president Ali Abdullah Saleh's directives for adding 3000 megawatts to the electric network by building a number of power generating stations working by the use of gas.
Engineer al-Junaid has also said the establishment is studying the possibility of building three gas pipelines from Mareb to three regions where power generating stations are to be constructed in the coming period. He explained that the first pipeline to be build across to Ma'bar where it is decided to build a power generating station with a capacity of 1200 megawatts and the second to Aden for the building of a power generating station with capacity of 700megawatts. The third pipeline would be built to reach Hudeida for the building of gas-powered electric generating station with a capacity of 400megawatts. It is to be recalled that the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development contributes with $100 million to implementation of the project of transformation stations and electric power transport lines. The Saudi Fund for Development contributes with $50 million and the Arab Fund for Development with $80 million to the implementation of the gas-powered electric station project.