World Food Programme recognized by Yemen [Archives:2006/953/Local News]

June 8 2006

SANA'A, June 6 ) A Basic Agreement was signed on Tuesday between the Government of the Republic of Yemen and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

Recognizing the juridical personality of the WFP and its freedom of assembly, the agreement was signed by Abdulkarim Ismail Al-Arhabi, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Kouhene, the WFP Representative in Yemen.

The agreement recognizes the inviolability of the WFP Country Office and its sub-offices together with the immunity of the WFP's property and personnel.

Additionally, the Government will grant transportation facilities for the import and delivery of food commodities as may be necessary for the fast and effective execution of WFP assisted activities, according to terms of the agreement. Meanwhile, the WFP will enjoy treatment for its official communications equal to that accorded by the Government to diplomatic missions and other UN organizations.

In return, the WFP will fulfill its mission of providing humanitarian and developmental assistance in accord with the principles of humanity, neutrality, and impartiality as specified in United Nations General Assembly Resolutions.

Al-Arhabi praised cooperation between Yemen and the WFP, emphasizing the need for bilateral cooperation in order to achieve common objectives.

Al-Kouhene thanked the Yemeni government for its generosity and support.

“The role of the Government in facilitating all aspects related to the implementation of WFP activities including the import and delivery of food commodities and necessary equipment that the WFP requires in order to fulfill its mission is highly appreciated,” he said.

Al-Kouhene made reference to the fact that the former Basic Agreement dates back to the period prior to Yemeni unification. He said that “This new agreement takes into consideration the new reality [in Yemen] and new ways to implement WFP activities to meet the needs of a unified Yemen.”