World March of Women Calls for a Pacifist World [Archives:2001/43/Local News]

October 22 2001

Delegates of 35 countries who are in Montreal for the Third International Meeting of the World March of Women, vigorously condemned the terrorist acts perpetrated on the planet, of which those of September 11 constituted the latest barbaric example. Similarly, the World March of Women condemned state violence, economic blockades, occupations, colonialism, and genocide, as well as the hunger and misery springing daily from the intolerable inequity of the global economic system. The World March of Women supported the increasingly numerous voices of citizens and organizations in the United States and all over the world demanding a radical change of course in U.S. foreign policy, and also demanded that the U.N. intervene much more actively to prevent any form of military intervention in the current crisis and bring to an end all current acts of military intervention, conflicts and occupations.