World Water Day marked Water crises [Archives:2004/724/Local News]

March 25 2004

By Fahmia AL-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

Under the theme “Water and Disaster: be informed and be prepared”. Yemen along with world countries celebrated World Water Day on Monday 22 March. The celebrations took place in the Police Officer Club.
In the ceremony Mr. Ahmed Sofan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, stressed the importance of World Water Day as an essential step to stop and think about the hazards of water scarcity and vulnerability in Yemen, especially in the agriculture sector, which consumes a lot of water.
“Farmers have to realize that water is life's essence that should be carefully preserved. They should try using modern watering techniques that help to save water.”
He called on the farmers to cooperate with the government in establishing water institutions to benefit from rainfall waters.
Mr. Mohammed Lutf Al-Eryani, the Minister of Water and Environment pointed out that the given information about water pointed out that the water crisis has apparently intensified.
Mr. Al-Eryani, emphasized the importance of working through a vivid strategy and goals that could contain all the speedy changes in the economic and social fields and taking into account the increasing population growth that definitely requires a stronger water supply.
Salem Hassan Bashaib, the Head of National Water Resources Authority, (NWRA) delivered a speech in which he welcomed the attendees and said “This ceremony aims to remind the people and societies in the world about the necessity of saving water and being mindful of how to use it, as water is the most important element of life in general and for human life in particular.”
He further explained “The water problem has been increasing year after year and we need to follow real policies through which we can administrate the water resources. A number of scientific studies have proved that many water resources in a various governorates are not good for human usage.”
He continued “Through displaying these problems we want to remind our people that we are going to face a serious and real water crisis that the society and the next generation will suffer from if adequate and correct procedures are not taken right now. The governmental and non-governmental institutions should cooperate to find the suitable solutions.”