World’s Fifth Social Forum finishes today [Archives:2005/812/Local News]

January 31 2005

The Arab Sisters Forum for Human Rights (ASFHR) is participating in the World's Fifth Social Forum, being held Jan. 26-31 in Brazil.

As many as 70,000 participants from around the world are taking part in the forum, under the slogan “Another World is possible”.

The participation of the Arab Sisters Forum comes in the framework of the International Network for Rights of Housing and Land Ownership.

The Forum presented five approaches in five symposiums organized by the International Coalition of Woman Fight for Ownership. Another symposium entitled the Arab-Israeli Conflict and associated with the developmental alternatives for woman was organized by Dawoon Organization.

A third symposium on violence and Rome's basic discipline for the International Criminal Court was organized by the International Network for the birth health.

Additionally, two symposiums, one on violence against women and the other on detention and torture issues were organized by the Amnesty International.

The ASFHR has partaken in the International Women Forum and the World's Fourth Social Forum that was held last year in Bombay, India.