Worldwide Disarmament [Archives:1998/27/Local News]

June 6 1998

The thorny and controversial issue of disarmament was the subject of an interesting lecture delivered by the Dutch Ambassador to Sanaa, Mr. Arend Meerburg on Tuesday, 30 June at the British Council Library in Sanaa.
An accomplished research physicist, having a 21-year experience in the negotiations to bring about various arms control and disarmament treaties during the Cold War era, Mr. Meerburg touched on several aspects of this multi-faceted issue, including the technical side of enriching uranium and processing plutonium – the two main ingredients of the bomb. He also discussed the agreements and treaties to stop the proliferation of chemical and biological weapons.
Several questions and comments were made by mixed Yemeni and expatriate audience that attended the lecture. Of special concern were the recent nuclear tests made by India and Pakistan within the context of the new world order.