Would Bush jr. have the fate of his father?Like father, like son [Archives:2003/645/Viewpoint]

June 26 2003

Yesterday's protests in New York against George W. Bush's strategies concerning the war on Iraq have made people realize that the possibility of a defeat in the upcoming elections in the USA is getting momentum.
People throughout the world were somewhat convinced that the issue of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is not the true motive behind the war. Every passing day suggests they were right. This conclusion was also reached by the United Nations as former UN inspector Hans Blix did say on more than one occasion that the 'evidence' put forward by the USA and UK were not enough to justify the war on Iraq.
World public opinion is now shifting from protesting the war to sentencing 'war criminals' as one of the posters said in the New York protest of last week.
The other day, a British lady who visited me at my office in Sanaa said, “Those who think that there is true democracy in the UK are wrong. You can recall the millions of protesters who protested the war, and the opinion polls that disfavored it. If it was a true democracy, then the government should have acted according to the peoples' demands. However, we do have only one day of democracy and that is elections day. We are deprived of true democracy the rest of the time.”
This does also show that it wouldn't be surprising if both G. Bush and Tony Blair fail in the upcoming elections. However, the collapse of Bush junior may even be more significant because it gives us some sort of flashback to the Gulf war in 1991, when the USA won the war under the leadership of Bush Sr., who eventually failed in being reelected. History does repeat itself, but if those in charge don't learn from it, then they would probably pay a high price.
No one can deny that more than 80% of the planet's population was against the war, whether we conclude that from polls, estimations, or common sense. On the other hand, a majority those the 20% who supported the war supported it based on the information they had about a massive world-threatening chemical-biological-nuclear danger coming out from Baghdad. Others may have been taught to support a war to defeat a regime that has caused so much harm to its people and deprived them of their freedom.
Well, looking to the situation today, we can see that those 20% may have been fooled indeed. Otherwise, where are the WMDs pointed out by the 'intelligent' FBI and CIA sources? Also, are Iraqis now truly free? What about the US attacks against protesters -killing many- while peacefully demonstrating against occupation of their land? What about the long-term (possibly 5-year) US program to rule Iraq without the involvement of Iraqis?
I am sure that it won't take long for those 20% to be convinced that the war was based on something different than what they thought. And perhaps, the American portion of this 20% would react by voting against the government that may have been behind them being fooled, resulting in the fall of G. W. Bush to follow in his father's footsteps.
Indeed, like father like son.