Wretched living conditions & uncertain future for our youthsTragic suicides continue [Archives:2003/654/Local News]

July 28 2003

TAIZ_ Ahmed Ali Mohammed, 23 years of age committed suicide last week using a poisonous substance. This incident has been recently recorded and of course it is not the first and it will not be last, psychologists and sociologists remarked.
Several similar cases have occurred in Taiz including a person who has strangled himself to death with a rope. Another person was found dead. A women was found hanged by herself with a rope in her room.
As for the first person, he was immediately taken to hospital and died soon after he had been in the hospital.
Before committing suicide, a letter inside the Holy Qura'an Book was left by the person himself demanding his family to forgive him and praying God in supplication after his death.
He recorded also asked in his letter to be buried in al-Modhaffar mosque, one of the largest and oldest mosques in the old city of Taiz.
Another middle-aged man was found dead as a result of committing suicide. A middle-aged person called Ahmed Mohammed was found hanged on a branch of huge Qat tree earlier this year in Saber, south of Taiz governorate.
He was found with two stabs in his thighs and his cheek was blown with Qat. These tragic horrible scenes have caused panic among people.
Another woman was found dead after she committed suicide in the same district when she learned about the death of her husband during the 1994 civil war.
Several youths commit suicides nowadays due to various reasons where an escape from reality is the most significant motive.
Moreover, suicide is one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible acts confined to a certain segment of people.
“The reasons and motives behind committing suicide can be ascribed to the weakness of religious discipline, psychological disorders and social problems,” sociologist told the Yemen Times.
He added that the incident sometimes occurs within the family and restricted only to some people who always fall a prey to chronic psychological disorders and family disputes.
Suicide is one of the widespread incidents which affect the life of people in certain age groups regardless of being males or females.
The motives that may force a person to commit suicide vary from one person to another according to the surrounding psychological and social circumstances.