Writing is more than fighting [Archives:2007/1023/Community]

February 8 2007

Abdulkreem Al-Aawage
[email protected]

Writing research, thoughts and satirizing political or literary forms is an essential need in any society.

To write means that you think of problems and think how to contribute to their solutions and, add to that, that you transfer your experience and knowledge you get throughout your long life. All these factors share in helping others, either individuals or groups in rural or in urban areas. It is a serious weapon to be able to write and deal with the circumstances around you and around your environment. It is a real struggle to write in any field, either political, economic, social, medical, cultural or in any other scope serving humanity. All writers are brave fighters. The difference is only in the tools and the field of battle.

Journalists who travel to the hot areas in the world to write about what they watch and hear are heroic writers sharing and revealing facts for all people. Those in laboratories who write about their research and day and night fight the different diseases are brave men as they spend all their time discovering drugs and the causes of those diseases and disasters. It is a battle really; the heroes are the writers. In addition, all the professors, doctors, teachers and educators spend a huge deal of their time planning how to offer their knowledge, talents and experiences along simple lines with sentences and words their students are able to digest easily.

They are heroes in this field without any doubt because they fight in two battles. The first is providing literacy and the second is facilitating the difficulties and obstacles facing students and society. It is reality. Writing is a kind of fight, however, its importance is more than the traditional war because in such situation there is only one enemy and one field but the case of writing they fight many battles in many fields at the same time.