WSC Employees, 5-month No Pay [Archives:2000/19/Local News]

May 8 2000

For five months running the employees of the Women’s Studies Center, Sanaa University (a project supported by the Netherlands government) have not received their monthly salaries. The Yemen Times got information from a reliable source that correspondence continues between the Netherlands embassy and the New administration of the Center, but none of the staff has been paid yet.
On the other hand, officials of Sana’a University have given no attention to the problem which they created themselves. In addition, the board of trustees appointed by Sana’a University council to supervise the work in the center have fired some employees who used to work before the Center’s closure. Some of those sacked used to earn their living from the salary they were used to get from the centre. They wanted to also fire other senior employees who were so close to the previous executive director of the Center, Dr. Raufa Hassan Al-Sharki. The main two departments (Empirical Research department and Women’s Studies department) were also canceled. Only two or three Gender specialists still teach for the center. Others were also removed. The new staff are people who know nothing about Gender and women’s studies which is the message aimed to be delivered though this center. The situation in the center is miserable, but the employees still work for it until now they are not asked to either leave or to stay.