WTO runs test for Yemen [Archives:2003/680/Local News]

October 27 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana'a,Oct..25_ Efforts have currently been underway by the republic of Yemen to answer about 167 questions made by the World Trade Organization, WTO for Yemen's access to become a WTO member, media sources said last week.
Answers to those questions will center around different economical and trade policies.
Al-Mithaq weekly newspaper, the GPC ruling party mouthpiece said in its issue published last week that comprehensive studies had been conducted by the industry and trade ministry aimed basically at getting acquainted with capabilities of different economic sectors such as, industry, agriculture, and other services.
Those questions will enable Yemen to determine its needs during negotiations made with the WTO.
In this context, the concerned ministry has been exerting efforts to amend legislation to be fit for that of the WTO legislation. “Yemen will demand holding the first special teamwork meeting with the aim of following the bilateral negotiations where some countries have an interest at the Yemeni market.” the paper said.