YALI’s Leap into Computer World [Archives:1999/10/Science & Technology]

March 8 1999

The Yemen-American Language Institute (YALI) is making news with its new ultra-modern computer lab. Dr. Chris Eccel, Information/Cultural Attache at the US Embassy and USIS Director, and Dr. John, Director of YALI, proudly gave me a tour of the new facilities.
Dr. Eccel pointed out that being computer literate has become a vital necessity for their students. “The TOEFL exam today is done by computer, on-line. How can you pass the test if you learned English, but not know how to do the test by computer?”. That is why there is now a computer lab for students to learn to become computer-literate.
The language program itself is now being revamped to cross into computer learning. “In some YALI courses, students might ask ‘Is this an English language program or a computer skill program?’ Relax, it is both. No harm in getting two for the price of one,” Chris explained.
“Computer programs have two major orientations,” adds John Scacco.
The Office Management tasks include ‘Searching the internet for organizational structures, mission statements, exchange rates, in-class professional presentation, etc., or could include using Microsoft Word templates to write business letters, faxes, memos, or using Microsoft Excel to design budgets and pie charts’.
The International Business tasks include discussions and research in how the internet is changing the face of international business, or to buy/sell stocks as they follow the progress/decline of stocks; to read CNN financial news, or general news, or simply to surf the web for favorite sites and we pages.
Enrollment and training in the YALI computer lab is expected to start soon.
By: Hatem Bamehriz,
Yemen Times.