Yasser Arafat rememberedYasser Arafat: A eulogy [Archives:2004/800/Education]

December 20 2004

By Prof. N. Ramachandran Nair
Professor of English
Hadramout University

'Can ever Death snatch
A soul that refuses a catch?'

The world moves always
On the wheels of the rare
Gifted men of courage
For, they rage rage
Against all inequities.

Yasser Arafat, the great leader fought
Wrote, spoke for the deprived Palestinians,
He conceived a Palestine without chains.
Mighty America could not dissuade him,
Relentless attacks by Israel could not dampen his spirit
With one aim, a secular Palestine, he worked with grit.

His amiable manners filigreed with smile
Won him friends all over and honors rare.
His firm determination and shrewd diplomacy
Helped him to strike a rare kinship agile
Among the comity of nations, fostered by intimacy.

All who strive for human rights
Will ever find a refuge in Yasser's precepts
His vision, mission and untiring strivings
For a just cause should lend lessons
For generations to come
For those who persistently try
To live for humanity
None can miss Yasser Arafat when they 'come home'
'Here lies one, comrade Yasser Arafat
Whose spirit will ever remain lit.'