YCHRDF inaugurated [Archives:2004/798/Local News]

December 13 2004

Aden Bureau
The Yemeni Center for Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms was inaugurated Dec 5 after a decision from the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Ja'afar Mohammad Ja'afar was officially permitted to build the center which is located in Al-Mu'alla District, Aden.
The center is a private civil society institution, that will contribute to raising awareness of human rights, promoting democratic freedoms, and defending them according to the constitution. The center is to operate under the banner of the UN convention and the Universal Declaration for Human Right (UDHR) as well as the two international laws concerned with civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.
Mr. Ja'afar has been appointed the Chairman of the center and Fadhl Ali Abdullah will hold the post of Executive Director. The center is also associated with a number of personalities interested in human rights and freedom.
The YCHRDF is an independent institution and does not have any affiliations with any political parties. It is a non- profit organization and accepts unconditional donations.