YCRO Launched [Archives:1997/49/Local News]

December 8 1997

The Yemeni Children’s Rights Organization (YCRO) was publicly launched on Monday, December 1st in Sanaa. According to its charter, the YCRO is a voluntary NGO which aims “to raise awareness of the importance of implementing the international Child’s Rights convention.” It also aims to “develop the knowledge of, and train, social workers dealing with children, and to cooperate with local and international governmental organizations and NGOs in this regard.” Hodeida Cultural Week Concluded As part of celebrating the 30th anniversary of independence – 30 November – week-long cultural activities were concluded on December 4th in Hodeida and Zabeed. Organized by the Hodeida Writers’ Union, the University of Hodeida, and the National Youth Center, the activities included cultural and education seminars as well as poetry and short story competitions.