Yemen: 15 killed in protests against oil price hikes:rnViolent demonstrations across the country [Archives:2005/860/Front Page]

July 18 2005

YT & Reuters
Sanaa, July 20 (YT & Reuters) – Observers expect massive rallies across the country after the death of at least 15 civilians in violent demonstrations mainly in the cities Sanaa, Dhamar and Dhale'. The demonstrations were caused by anger due to the government's decision of raising the prices of petroleum directive products between 50% and 100%.rn

Thousands of angry men took into the streets in the capital Sana'a and set fire to tires, blocked streets and hurled stones at the prime minister's office while shops closed for fear of looting.rn

Police fired shots to disperse protesters hurling stones a the house of Vice President Abdu Mansour Hadi, the offices of Prime Minister Abdul-Qader Bagammal and other government buildings and ambulances rushed some injured people from the scene.rn

Witnesses and medics reported similar protests in three other towns, including the town of Dhale' in south Yemen where five of the 11 dead were killed.rn

Demonstrators shouted slogans attacking Bagammal and the ruling party of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.rn

Police, using tear gas and water cannon to control the crowds, blocked off the house of Vice President Abd-Rabbu Hadi where protesters converged.rn

Yemenis are protesting against a government announcement on Tuesday to cut fuel subsidies as part of reforms backed by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.rn

“This is a natural reaction because the government's reforms are a lie and we can't take it any more…This government is making the rich richer and the poor poorer