Yemen a good source of solar energy [Archives:2003/631/Business & Economy]

April 14 2003

In the light of scientific studies on using the solar energy in Yemen there are great possibilities for its utilization accurately in a way qualifying Yemeni areas to operate public services projects. What Yemen does actually need are sources of funding the construction of solar power stations to be used for lessening the shortage of power and helping enlarge electric power and water projects and others.
There is capability for Yemen's benefiting from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia for using the solar power in many fields. In this context success has been achieved in the first experiment of lighting the village of sheik Salem in Abyan governorate on an area of 15 square km to the east of Zanjibar by the solar energy project at a cost of YR 10 million.
Success of the experiment provides opportunities for Yemen to utilize the solar energy and erecting stations for generating electricity and running projects that need the energy, as Yemen has a good source of solar energy around the year. Many experiments have been made for generating solar power and benefiting from it. But the question of investing this energy is still in its beginnings and needs funding and scientific plans for how to utilize the sun in operating public services and other projects.