Yemen Airways adds new Airbuses to its fleet [Archives:2007/1017/Local News]

January 18 2007

SANA'A, Jan. 16 ) Yemen Airways held a meeting in Sana'a to discuss several issues related with its upcoming development plan. The plan includes the addition of six Airbuse Model 350 to the company's fleet to enhance its operating capacity. The meeting assessed the company's performance during 2006 and the estimated budget for 2007.

The event was chaired by Cptn. Abdulkhaleq Al-Qadhi, chairman of the board of directors, and attended by the company's Yemeni and Saudi shareholders and Hani Mansour Aref, member of the company's board of directors and the general manager representing the Saudi side.

During the meeting, the participants discussed how to meet the growing demand of customers for transportation and cargo, as well as the progress of special studies on establishing an airway for domestic flights as required by the cabinet and the agreement with the Airbus Company to update the Yemenia fleet.

The meeting stressed the necessity of accelerating the establishment of a company for domestic flights and negotiating with manufacturers in many countries producing air carriers.

The project's significance stems from establishing an airway for domestic flights to different parts of the country and supporting the moves for increasing investment projects in Yemen.

Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajammal and Aref discussed reviewing the company's capital to enable it cope with developments in the air carriers industry and enhance its capacity to fulfil its promises to customers.

The discussion concentrated on completing the legal procedures with regard to registering the company, its capital and assets.