Yemen among least convenient Arab countries for living [Archives:2005/906/Business & Economy]

December 26 2005

Investment in human resources in Yemen is still one of the challenges that confront the country. This came in a report issued by the Arab Establishment for Investment Guarantee, issued recently. Yemen is among seven countries characterized by weak economic freedom and according to the international calendar among the countries of low transparency. It is also listed as a dangerous country for investment among of the Arab countries studied in the report.

The report was written based on and quoting from accredited international sources. It stated that Yemen is categorized along with two other Arab countries Mauritania, and Djibouti as least convenient countries for living. Another report by the same establishment classified the three countries as among those of weak human development.

The report pointed out that Yemen had captured the highest figure in the cost of building a legal entity for businesses. While in Kuwait it is 24% of the average income of the individual, it reaches at 269.2% of the average of income of the individual in Yemen. The report maintained that Yemen scored zero figures among six Arab countries with regard to the ease of business creation and employment or discharge of workers and scored longest among the Arab countries in time taken for deciding and settling disputes of businesses.

The report has made it clear that Kuwait, Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have got a prevalent calendar of a high investment degree, very low degree of risk and high ability of repayment. While Bahrain, Tunisia and Sultanate of Oman have according to the report scored good investment degrees, low risk and reasonable capability of repayment. Egypt, Morocco and Jordan have gained evaluation of speculation, medium risk along with existence of aspects of risk in payment. While Yemen and Lebanon gained high degree of speculation, high degree of risk and exposure to dangers of repayment.