Yemen and Egypt sign medical agreement [Archives:2005/823/Local News]

March 10 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Yemen and Egypt have signed an agreement on sanitary and medical cooperation to allow Egyptian and Yemeni companies to work together on drugs and medical appliances.

Under the agreement signed by the Egyptian Health Minister, Dr. Mohammad Tajaddin and his Yemeni counterpart Dr. Mohammad al-No'mi, Egypt will provide Yemen with highly qualified doctors to train Yemeni medical students. Both sides agreed to encourage local businessmen to invest in the drug industry.

The agreement says that the Egyptian Health Ministry will treat Yemeni patients in its medical facilities, including private hospitals, as it does for its own citizens.

Egypt will offer 30 scholarships every year to train Yemeni students and will treat 40 Yemen patients free of charge who suffer from cancer , or who require kidney transplants or neurological surgery.