Yemen and Jordan sign cooperation agreements [Archives:2007/1019/Front Page]

January 25 2007

By: Raidan Al-Saqqaf
SANA'A, Jan. 24 ) The meetings of the joint Jordanian-Yemeni Higher Committee concluded on Tuesday with the signing of 23 cooperation agreements, memoranda of understanding, executive program and protocols in the areas of agriculture, higher education and scientific research, education, social security, culture, tourism, labor, investments and legal affairs and exports.

The meetings, chaired by Prime Minister AbdulQader BaJammal and his Jordanian counterpart Marouf Al-Bakhit, agreed on in a bid to increase bilateral cooperation including the forming of a Jordanian Yemeni university to be owned by the private sector with its main headquarters in Aden, as well as a maritime transport company to connect the port city of Aqaba with Aden through the Red Sea.

Other projects agreed establishing a Jordanian Yemeni hospital, in addition to protocols and agreements signed in the fields of agriculture, health, education, training, insurance, tourism, culture, energy and legal affairs.

The two prime ministers agreed to focus on following up on all the agreements and recommendations to ensure their implementation for the mutual benefit of the two countries.