Yemen and Saudi Arabia sign border agreement [Archives:2005/825/Front Page]

March 17 2005

Mohammed bin Sallam
Yemen and Saudi Arabia signed a border agreement on March 13.

The agreement stipulates the deployment of joint patrols to protect the border and prevent trafficking and infiltration.

The agreement was signed in a bilateral session meeting between Yemeni Minister of Interior General Rashad al-Alimi and his Saudi counterpart Prince Nayef Bin Abdul-Aziz.

The Yemeni Interior Minister said “The agreement came out with new aspects of cooperation between the two countries on security, economic and political levels”.

“The security committees in the two countries reached an end to the demarcation of borders, set the signals of land borders and made assurances to achieve the remaining duties in the near future,” Al-Alimi noted.

“There are many other tasks for both countries to achieve with respect to joint security efforts and issues of citizens and we hope the border authorities to overcome any related difficulties.”

Prince Nayef Bin Abdul aziz said “many of the border agreement items have been achieved and the final phases of the historical agreement signed between the two sides in Jeddah are being finalized, and they are still working on the supplements of the agreement with regard to the sea borders.”

Previous disputes between the two neighboring countries lasted for over 60 years and led to a war between 1928-1932, and several clashes between border guards until 2000.