Yemen and Sudan: new stepstowards large-sale partnership [Archives:2004/760/Business & Economy]

August 2 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
Meetings of the 10th session of the Yemeni-Sudanese Joint Commission would begin in the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Tuesday. The meeting would be co-chaired by the two countries' foreign ministers. The meetings would discuss means and ways of enhancing areas of economic and investment cooperation and the realisation of integrated partnership between the two countries' businessmen. The commission is to discuss activation of agreements already concluded between Yemen and Sudan , on the one hand, and between it and Ethiopia within the frame f the Sana'a Tripartite Grouping, on the other hand.
Yemen Times has learnt that the joint commission would discuss means of developing exports between the two countries and offering necessary facilities for transportation of Sudan's exports to the Gulf region and at the same time transportation of Yemen's exports to African countries. In addition, the commission would urge the Yemeni and Sudanese private sector to take the initiative in activating the exchange of trade via building a joint maritime transport route.
Though the volume of trade exchange between the two countries is still small, the joint commission would study in tits meeting the question of consolidating areas of cooperation pertaining lines of sea shipment and transport and the establishment of a joint holding company, building industrial zones, holding trade exhibitions, setting up an information network for the private sector and trade. the commission meeting would also work for cooperation in financial services, activation of bilateral agreements to avoid double taxation, in addition to strengthening exchange in area of youth and sports.
Volume of trade exchange between Yemen and Sudan during last year amounted to YR 994 million and 236 thousand, YR 523 million and 969 thousand was the value of Yemen's imports from Sudan and YR 470 million and 267 thousand for the Yemeni exports to Sudanese markets.
Those indicators reveal that the balance of trade tilts towards the Sudanese exports to Yemen with a variance of mover than YR 53 million.
The commission had held its 9th session in Sana'a in January 2002 when it had confirmed the importance of expansion in area of investment, encouragement of businessmen to cement bilateral relations and working out a scientific perception for the process of exports exchange and their development.
Yemen stands by Sudan in its endeavor for achieving stability and preservation of the unity of its national territories, in addition to the two countries association with stable and strong relations within the Sana'a Grouping which had been declared officially in December 2003. The countries of Sana'a Grouping work for expanding joint investment projects, exchange of benefits, expanding trade exchange, fighting terror and serving security, stability and peace in the region.
The Grouping also aims at achievement of economic integration enhancing areas of development, facilitation of the movement of capitals influx among its member states as well as realisation of positive results in political relations and support and coordinate their stands towards regional issues of common interest.
The Yemeni-Sudanese joint commission would discuss what has been accomplished by the committees set up as part of the Sana'a Grouping, especially those entrusted with following up and assessment products of the three countries such as dairies, leather and vegetable oils industries, beans, vegetables and fruits in order to define ways of trade exchange between Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia.
The three countries have joint plans and schemes working through their joint committees for fighting trafficking and illegitimate trading and therefore meetings of the joint commission in Khartoum acquire economic and trade significance and would help activate agreements concluded between the two countries for the expansion of future cooperation.