Yemen and Sudan sign an agreement in the petroleum field [Archives:2007/1077/Local News]

August 16 2007

ADEN, Aug. 15 ) The Aden Refineries Company and the Sudanese

Ministry of Energy and Mining signed last Tuesday a minute of

cooperation in training the two countries' cadres in fields of gas,

refining oil, and earthquake monitoring, serving the economical interests of both countries.

The two sides agreed also on having joint conferences, exchanging

technical proficiencies and visits, as well as benefiting from the countries' experiences in this view.

The Deputy Minister of Oil and Minerals Abdul Malik Alamah and the Undersecretary of Energy and Mining Ministry Hamad Abdul-Qader Al-Nile signed the minute.

According to a report for the Yemen times, Alamah said that the agreement on this minute happened since the end of the second course, which held in Sana'a between Yemen and Sudan in the petroleum fields.

The Oil Ministry is serious in modernization Aden refinery for about $24-40 millions, he added. “We had, in the second course, clear and determined fields for the cooperation as well as the mechanisms of the implementation. We expect reaching clear and practical things in oil fields.” Al-Nile confirmed.

“The points of meeting between Yemen and Khartoum are that the old Bor Al-Sudan refinery and Aden refinery are from the same kind. But, Aden refinery has specific aims, where as Bor Al-Sudan refinery is stopped now”, he clarified

“The reason is, first and foremost, we wanted to establish a refinery, which fulfills the internal requirements. Now we are about to establish a refinery for exportation. Aden refinery produces internally and we hope to start with new and big units and to establish a new refinery which can export the products oversees”, Al-Nile stated.

He concluded his statement with saying that his visit to Yemen was completely successful, calling upon the implementation of agreement.