Yemen and U.S. support Somalia’s stability [Archives:2007/1014/Local News]

January 8 2007

ADEN, Jan. 7 ) Jendayi Frazer, Assistant US Secretary of State for African Affairs, urged Yemeni authorities on Saturday to support the Somali people and utilize the best means for achieving that end.

President Saleh in his meeting with Frazer discussed the situation in Somalia and stressed the importance of helping Somali people.

Before her departure and in a press conference held by Foreign Minister Abu Baker Al-Qirbi, Frazer declared she discussed with the Yemeni side how to help Somali people and provide solutions to ensure Somalia's stability via peaceful dialogue between all Somali parties.

She further noted she is for holding talks with Islamic Courts and other parties to make use of their expertise and announced her government decided to grant funding for the Somali government to support peace and stability in Somalia.

For his part, Al-Qirbi assured Yemen is keen about exerting efforts together with neighboring countries, U.S. and European Union to stabilize peace and security in Somalia according to Security Council's resolution.

The resolution dictates sending peacekeeping forces to Somalia and resolving the political situation to enable the Somali government to create security and stability across Somalia.