Yemen Annual Report Published [Archives:1998/35/Local News]

August 31 1998

The Yemen 1997 Annual Report is an exhaustive survey of the state of the country during the past year. Published by the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies, this report comes as a major achievement during the center’s two years of existence.
The Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies is a ‘private and independent academic institution that conducts objective and impartial studies. It aims to study and analyze Yemen’s political, economic, social and cultural conditions, ultimately contributing to the country’s peace, stability and independence.’
The center, under Mr. Nassr Taha Mustafa and several other renowned academics, has organized a series of seminars and workshops as well as publishing a number of relevant academic studies. One of the center’s most important works – a public opinion survey on Yemen’s political parties and organizations – is included in this annual report.
Of particular interest in the report is the April 1997 general elections, a turning point in Yemen’s political life.
The past year also saw President Ali Abdullah Saleh conducting a successful tour of a number of countries, and the Paris Club has exempted Yemen from a sizable chunk of its foreign debts.
With detailed statistics,The Yemen 1997 Annual Report covered the following topics:
1-The parliamentary elections of April, 1997
2-Legislative authority
3-Political parties and organizations
4-Human rights and civil liberties
5-Non-governmental organizations
6-Justice and the judicial system
7-Crime and security
8-Learning and education
9-Public services
10-Art and culture
11-The mass media
12-The economy
13- Foreign affairs
14-A public poll on political parties.
Copies of The Yemen 1997 Annual Report are sold at $50 a piece at the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies (opposite Korean Embassy), 16 Abu Bakar Al-Siddiq Street, Diplomatic Quarter, Sanaa.
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