Yemen arrests 15 Bangladeshis3,000 Bangladeshis in Yemen victims of illegal human trafficking [Archives:2008/1141/Local News]

March 27 2008

SANA'A, March 26 – A group of 15 Bangladeshis have been imprisoned by the Department of Immigration and are awaiting departure, said a source within the department on Tuesday. The arrests have brought to light the plight of approximately 3,000 Bangladesh nationals who were illegally trafficked into Yemen and work in conditions close to indentured servitude.

The departmental source did not want to give more details about the Bangladeshis' custody conditions, because he was directed not to speak to the media.

The Yemen Times received an appeal letter entitled “Bangladeshi nationals are suffering,” on Sunday that referred to the 15 arrested Bangladeshis.

The letter said that some Bangladeshi “brokers”” are bringing workers from Bangladesh