Yemen asked to continue down democracy path [Archives:2006/999/Local News]

November 16 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 14 ) Yemen should continue developing democracy, said Robin Madrid, out-going director of the National Democratic Institute in Sana'a, during a farewell ceremony organized by Women Journalists Without Chains.

Madrid thanked all Yemenis particularly those who criticized her during her post as NDI director. She said she worked neutrally with all political parties and civil community organizations in the country – her main goal was to make the democratic experience in Yemen a success.

Madrid urged political parties in Yemen to work hard so the revote in some voting centers and 2009 parliamentary elections will be successful.

“Dialogue and open discussion are the ideal means to improve democracy. Yemenis have to continue dialogue and discussions until their country reaches the level of democracy experienced in the U.S. and other developed countries,” said Madrid. “”Ignorance and failure on the part of Yemenis to improve democracy will not be in favour of their country's progress and development.””

And then taking some time to think about her time in the country Madrid was able to succinctly wrap up her experience.

“”I love Yemen and Yemenis