Yemen asked to track down criminals [Archives:2004/769/Front Page]

September 2 2004

Hassan Al-Zaidi
Yemeni authorities received last week detection requests for 90 international criminals, a source told Yemen Times.
The source said the requests came from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan, China, and India, asking the government to arrest the suspects if found on the Yemeni land and extradite them to their countries.
The criminals were wanted in connection with terrorist activities, child abduction, drug trafficking, and arms smuggling before they absconded abroad, the source added.
Al-Wasat newspaper said security authorities, on receiving the requests, have distributed them to sea and land country entrances. And so far none of the criminals have been detected.
The requests are the result of the cooperation between Yemen and these countries in the fight against terrorism.
On the other hand, a Yemeni diplomat in the Yemeni consulate in Prague, in the Czech Republic, reported that Czech authorities had arrested two Kuwaitis with forged Yemeni passports at the city's airport arriving on a flight from an Arab country.
The airport officers discovered the forgeries as the documents were undergoing a routine check. The illegal documents were immediately confiscated and submitted to the Yemeni consulate to verify whether they were really Yemenis or forgeries. The two Kuwaitis were arrested.
Officials in Yemen have not yet confirmed that the documents are forged, though a memorandum was sent to them from the consulate with the documents attached to it.