Yemen asks Pakistan for suspect [Archives:2003/634/Local News]

May 5 2003

Yemen on Saturday has asked officially Pakistan Pakistani government to hand over a Yemeni citizen Walid Mohammed Bin Attash suspected of being involved in the 2000 attack on the USS destroyer Cole. The man was arrested by Pakistani security in Karachi on Tuesday, along with five other suspects members of al-Qaeda organization.
The Pakistani security considered him as one of the wanted elements for investigation in the USS Cole destroyer incident in October 2002.
The Yemeni request comes after the last month escape of 10 prisoners from a political security prison in Aden. The breakaway prisoners were facing capital punishment, suspected of implementing the explosion of the USS Cole.
On other hand, a Yemeni interior ministry delegation went to United States to discuss the Yemeni-US cooperation in protecting the coasts and supplying Yemen with 8 patrol boats to guard Yemeni coasts that US government decided to grant to Yemen.
That comes in the frame of Yemeni-US cooperation to fight terrorism and stop any terrorist elements that may infiltrate into Yemen.