Yemen Banking & Insurance Companies Guide out [Archives:2006/997/Local News]

November 9 2006

SANA'A, Nov. 7 ) The sixth annual Yemen Banking and Insurance Companies Guide was just released.

The guide has become an important media reference and a rich encyclopaedia for scholars, researchers and anyone interested in the economy.

With the book, many people can learn about different activities and services offered by banks and insurance companies in Yemen.

The guide gives an update to all the data and laws concerned with banking activities, in addition to popularizing any new banking activities and services. It is also distributed in a bilingual format for both Arabic and English speakers.

Over the past five years, the guide has occupied a great prestige thanks to its vital content and distribution at the local level and in some neighboring countries, as well as to its regular issuance without any barriers.

Success of the guide is attributed to the journalist Yasser Al-Mayasi, who expended great efforts during several stages of the preparation. The guide is now an indispensable media source to benefit all the interested people including those working in the banking and marketing sectors and research centers.

Al-Mayasi confirmed the guide aims to assist with the economic media that serves these important sectors of economy. The guide mainly concentrates on banks and insurance companies since both sectors are closely related.

“We plan to issue various media products to drive forward the wheels of development in the country and convey a good impression about Yemen to the outside world, particularly in the economic area,” Al-Mayasi explained.

The guide, issued by Al-Nukhba for Public Relations and Advertising, is distributed in Yemen and internationally.