Yemen Celebrates the World AIDS Day [Archives:2004/799/Local News]

December 16 2004

The Ministry of Public Health with the support of several United Nations Organizations (UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP, WHO, UNHCR), has celebrated the World AIDS Day on Saturday, under the theme of “Women, Girls, and HIV/AIDS Better Education and Equal Rights to Prevention, Treatment and Care.”
The celebration included statements by the National AIDS Programme (Dr. Fawzia Gharama) the UN Theme Group (Dr. Solofo Ramaroson on behalf of Dr. Ramesh Shrestha), and the Minister of Public Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Noami. Young people from Sana'a orphanages participated in an inspiring music show on the rights of AIDS patients, which was followed by songs from school children calling for people to support AIDS patients.
At the end of the ceremony, UNICEF held an art gallery that reflected the work of two famous Yemeni artists, Mazher Nizar and Nasser Abdullah, focused on the rights of AIDS patients, the importance of breaking the silence around the disease and the right of young people to receive information. UNICEF also launched the 2005 calendar which follows the theme of young people and HIV.
The ceremony was attended by government officials from ministries, religious leaders, local and international NGOs working in Yemen, and diplomatic missions in Sana'a.