Yemen-China cultural cooperation [Archives:2005/804/Local News]

January 6 2005

A detail executive program of the cultural cooperation between Yemen and China was signed on Thursday Dec. 30, at the Culture House in Sana'a. It is intended to enhance and expand the mutual cooperation in different cultural aspects.

The program was signed by Yemen Minister of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese ambassador to Sana'a Gao Yusheng. It aims at encouraging direct cooperation between cultural establishments and unions in the fields or archeology, manuscripts, and museums as well as exchanging technical experiences in planning, conserving archeological finds, and survey as well as museum maintenance.

The program further includes activation of cooperation fields between Sana'a and Beijing in artistic aspects, and photo, painting, and book exhibitions.

Mr. Khaled Al-Rowaishan pointed out the fact that Yemen wants to make use of China's experiences in the cultural arena.

He indicated the relations of cultural cooperation between the two countries under the agreements signed between both friendly states. He also praised the distinctive Chinese presence in the activities of Sana'a as the 2004 Arab Cultural Capital.

On the other hand, Chinese ambassador commended the activities and the cultural movement during 2004 and the accompanying publication of books that reflected Yemen's culture. He hoped the Program would contribute to strengthening the activation and development of cultural relations between the two countries since culture is one of the common features between Yemen and China who enjoy civilizations going deep into history.