Yemen Condemns Al-Aqsa Massacre Stage Popular Demonstrations [Archives:2000/40/Front Page]

October 2 2000

Yemen has strongly condemned the massacre committed at the Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem against the Palestinians two days ago. Mr. Abdul Qader Ba Jamal, Yemens deputy premier, the foreign minister has said in a statement to Saba news agency that the Yemen Republic vehemently condemns the brutal carnage perpetrated by Israeli forces inside the courtyard of Aqsa mosque following Friday prayer and unjustified firing live bullets at prayers. It holds Israel and Baraks government responsible for deterioration of the situation and escalation of the state of frustration suffered by the Palestinian people in the occupied Arab territories. The Yemeni official statement insisted on the need to enable the Palestinian people to establish their independent state with Al-Qods as its capital.
At least 23 Palestinians were killed and seven hundred others were injured during clashes with Israeli army troops over the past few days. The event has evoked worldwide protest and condemnation. A number of Arab capital cities have witnessed angry demonstrations protesting the massacres against Palestinians.
And in Yemen, all political parties, have decided to stage a massive protest demonestration today in Sanaa against the massacre perpetrated by Zionist soldiers in Al Aqsa Mosque area.