Yemen Cricket Tournament 99 [Archives:1999/48/Sports]

November 29 1999

Omar A. Al-Yaf’ei
Yemen Times
On Friday, November 26, 1999 at Althawra stadium, there was the final Cricket match. The tournament started in May of this year with the participation of eight teams from Yemen, Pakistan, and India, etc. The Pakistan Cricket Club came in first position, the Arab Cricket Club in second position and Indian Cricket Club in third position.
The match ended successfully with the participation of all clubs. It was played in the best possible spirit of true sportsmanship.
Cricket started in the United Kingdom and spread throughout the British Commonwealth to many other countries. This tournament was organized by the Cricket Association. The Chairman of the tournament was Mr. David Pearce, Deputy Head of Mission and H.M. Consul-General at the British Embassy.
A ceremony was organized during the evening of the same day at the Taj Sheba Hotel. Prizes were awarded to the winners of the championship. The first prize was awarded to the winner of the first position, the Pakistan Cricket Club, led by Captain Masroor Alam Siddinqui. The second prize was awarded to the Arabian Cricket Club and the third one was awarded to the winner of the third position, the Indian Cricket Club. Other participating clubs received medals. His Excellency the Ambassador of Great Britain, Mr. Victor Henderson, Mr. Tariq Abdullah, chairman of the Yemen Cricket Association, Mr. Walid Kazmi, manager of British Petroleum, and others, attended the championship.
All of them delivered speeches expressing their satisfaction with this championship. They all indicated that in the advent of the third millennium, we should see improvement in all fields. Mr. Tariq Abdullah, chairman of the Yemen Cricket Association wished that Cricket in Yemen would witness a promising future, and be played in its true spirit and friendly manner. He requested from all to offer their support in order to improve this new game in Yemen. Finally, he indicated that the Yemen Cricket Association will establish two schools in Aden and Sana’a for training in this game.
The ceremony which was organized at the Taj Sheba Hotel was sponsored by British Petroleum, the British Embassy, Yemen Commercial Bank and the Taj Sheba Hotel.